Ready to launch your campaign? Banner ad — check. Email — check. Landing page?

Whuuh ?

A landing page is a key component of a digital campaign, designed specifically to continue the conversation that begins when your prospect clicks on your ad or email. A well-conceived page provides a power surge that nudges your prospect toward action.

Say you leap the first hurdle — the prospect clicks on your message — hurrah! Now what? Where their click sends them can mean life vs. death or, at least, a sale vs. a slightly disillusioned shopper, off to browse others’ websites.

Sure, you could land them on your website homepage. But a homepage is a general intro to your business. If they then have to wander around looking for the thing that inspired their click, your time-deprived, easily distracted prospect probably won’t bother.

(And if your website is, um, nothing to be proud of, surely that’s not your best move.)

So what’s a good landing page look like? It’s clean, uncluttered and lovely, with a great image and a single call to action. It mirrors exactly the ad or email that came before it, specific to the product that interested your clicker in the first place, with a few more details to stimulate conversion.

The click says you’ve made a good first impression. Now, nurture the relationship through a well-crafted page, and make a sale.

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