A fresh website for a new nonprofit devoted to continuing the conversation about internet privacy.

ITEGA Marketing


The Information Trust Exchange Governing Association, or ITEGA, is a nonprofit that focuses on fostering conversations and community for internet privacy professionals. They write articles on the latest in privacy news, and hold semi-annual events for discussions on the future of internet privacy and the protection of personal data.

Project Background

ITEGA’s former website was outdated and had basic some functionality issues. They had recently commissioned a new logo, and approached us with the project of creating a website that feels modern, informative and welcoming.

The Problem

ITEGA had a brand new logo, but that was the extent of their brand. Additionally, their photos were mainly from events they had held, and weren’t very engaging. So, we had some decisions to make.

Project Goals

Our goal for this project was to create a site that had enough of a brand identity for ITEGA that people feel comfortable while learning about the complex and sometimes abstract nature of internet privacy. We knew the site would need a blog, since they produce a lot of content. And we wanted the site to be simple enough that they could potentially add on to the site once they’ve grown as an organization and established more of a visual identity.

The Solution

We made the decision to go with a muted, pastel color palette to make the site feel engaging and warm, and we changed the color on each parent page to give some variation to the pages. We kept photography usage to a minimum, and decided on a clean icon system to help the user navigate between pages.