Targeting Parents for a Private School Open House

The Aim

Inspire their target audience to attend open houses promoting their early childhood to grade 4 programs.

The Challenges

It is not legal to intentionally target children (under 18) directly, nor is it legal to geotarget elementary schools.

The Approach

  • Addressable geofencing to reach homes with children, HHI > $90, within 40 miles of school
  • Keyword search and contextual targeting, including people searching for “private schools Albany” and visitors to websites of competitor private schools in the area

The Results

  • Overall clickthrough of .11% — nearly double the national average
  • 668,128 of 1,950,000 impressions delivered to date, prompting 733 people to click to the website
  • The 273,293 impressions generated by geofencing have brought 312 people to the site, and 23 people actually visited the school

The Results