Multi-Channel Campaign

A waterpark was promoting a new pricing scheme:
Buy early, visit weekdays, and save.

The Aim

They wanted to reach local parents and people on specific ticketing sites or at a local grocery chain.

The Audience

  • Kids ages 7-13 in two local cities
  • Anyone, any age, buying tickets from a ticket aggregation site
  • Familiar with canabis, politics, and crypto industries
  • All demos of people shopping at a grocery chain that sold their tickets

The Tactics

  • Email to 100,000 parents
  • Retargeting of openers (about 6 ads each)
  • Geofencing of grocery stores
  • Contextual campaign aimed at ticketing sites
  • Keyword banner campaign

The Tactics

Day 1: Deploy email
Day 2: Openers get retargeted banner ads
Day 3: Geofence grocery stores
Day 4: Launch contextual banner campaign

The Results