Webinar eCommerce


While consumers are in their homes and on their devices, local businesses that normally serve them are shuttered.

This webinar discusses how small businesses can quickly gear up to sell to their local customers online. We’ll feature an easy and affordable way to add ecommerce functionality to any existing website, or to create a site quickly from scratch, and then promote it to their hyperlocal target audiences.


The COVID-imposed restrictions on people’s movements have caught a lot of businesses off guard. While a few months back it might’ve been fine to have a static website with no shopping functionality, now it could make the difference between life or death.

The good news is that there are some fixes for the problem that can implemented quickly, easily and affordably. Here are three options, depending on the business’ needs:

  • Create a site from scratch. (Yes, it can be done quickly, easily and affordably.)
  • Add ecommerce functionality to an existing site.
  • Create a separate ecommerce store and link it to an existing site.